Friday, January 23, 2015

Healthy Things Grow

One of my favorite things ever is phone calls with my sister, we call it "coffee talk", when you live four states away you have to work hard to stay close so we make an almost daily commitment to phone calls.

Yesterday we just had the best conversation... sharing what God is doing in each of our hearts and encouraging one another. I mean...

Is there anything better than talking about God with the people you love?

During our conversation I shared something with her that Christine Caine shared with our staff years ago. "Healthy Things Grow", Christine was referring to church growth, but I think the concept is true for anything. If your life, business, ministry or heart is healthy it will grow. It's so simple but so profound when you really think about it. Coming from a farming family the idea of healthy growth has an even deeper meaning, because the same is true with crops. 

So what about you? where are you in these areas? We all have potential for growth. Check out these passages on Growth. 

And grab this wallpaper image for your phone if you need a daily reminder. 

Happy Friday!!!

1 comment:

  1. It is truly a blessing to have family and friends to share God with. My little sister and I also have to communicate by phone regularly.

    Thank you for the wallpaper.

    God Bless!