Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Week of Romans

One of the things I love about the word of God is no matter how many times you read a passage, he can give you something fresh each time.  For me #scripturedoodle has been the avenue to expand how I see God's word and what he teaches me through it.  And starting monday, I want you to join me!

We'll be studying through the first seven chapters of Romans and using #scripturedoodle along the way. Here's how it will go. Each day we will read one chapter from Romans starting with chapter one on monday. Read through the chapter keeping your eyes and ears open to see and hear what God has for you. Hopefully there will be one verse that sticks in your mind. Choose that verse! Maybe its for you, maybe its for a friend, but make a #scripturedoodle of that verse.

It doesn't have to be fancy and you can simply use pen and paper, that's what I do normally. Here's how:
1. Find your bible verse and read it again.

      2.  Does a picture pop into your head when you read the scripture? If so get started drawing the picture, make sure to fill up the whole page and take time to add details.

3. If a picture didn’t pop into your head, look at the verse again and pick one or two words that are visual… for example the word “love” what comes to mind when you read that word, maybe a picture of a heart? Continue picking more words and doodle through the verse.

4. Sometimes you love a verse but you don't get a picture in your brain right away, in this case I just do some hand lettering of key words and then I usually add some fun background doodles and color patterns to spice it up. I'll usually mix a couple different font styles to add emphasis to certain parts.  If you're feeling intimidated by the whole drawing thing this would be a great way to start!

5. Post your #scripturedoodle to Instagram or Facebook and be sure to hashtag #scripturedoodle so we can all follow along. 

I'm honestly so excited if you decide to join me for this study! #scripturedoodle has opened up a new thing in my heart when it comes to art and God's word and I pray it will do the same for you. Also for a second I just want to say- #scripturedoodle is for everyone! You don't have to be an artist to be part of this creative worship thing. It's not about making a masterpiece- it is about worship. Take time to use your creativity to worship God, to make Jesus famous. And if you don't think you have creativity let's use this week to find it. Just say yes, and let's do this thing... together. 

This Sunday at 8:30pm EST I'll be teaching a FREE online #scripturedoodle class to get us ready for the study. You don't have to take the class to do the study, but if you want some extra encouragement it would be great to sit in. You can email me to register.


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