Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Classes: Registration Open

If I may just for a moment, share my heart on why I teach: First and most I just love art! I love everything about it, I love making, teaching it, seeing it, all of it. I choose to share it because God has put in my heart this desire to help others be creative. I honestly think He wants it to be available to everyone. Some of us have a natural knack for creative things but some of us don't, If you're in the "don't" category, I want to help you try, that is why I teach, even if you are not the best you are still allowed! I teach for beginners, I will not let you leave me feeling defeated, you will love it I promise. Take a night for yourself, with some friends or just come and you will make a friend. I'm teaching four classes this month, two online and two locally in Charleston, Here is the schedule:

SUNDAY, September 14th @8:00 EST $10
During this class April will share the heart and art of #scripturedoodle, a creative worship experience. You will have the opportunity to create your own #scripturedoodle in a medium of your choice and have April as a resource to help you along the way. This is a great class for anyone, artsy or otherwise. Offered Online Only. Register Here.

Hand Lettering
SUNDAY, September 28th @8:00 EST $10
This class is an introduction to the art of hand lettering. April will share the basic tools and three different lettering styles to get you started with making your hand lettered masterpiece. During this class you will have the opportunity to watch April work and ask questions as you practice. Offered Online Only.Register Here

Gold Leaf
Thursday, September 11th @7pm $20
Gold leaf is my newest love! I can’t wait to share how easy to use it can be. You will use it and make a one of a kind gold leaf mixed media piece I promise you will love.  Supplies provided. Offered locally in Charleston, SC. Register Here

Wednesday, September 24th @7pm $20
Watercolor- in this class you will learn the basics of watercolor how to and create your own abstract watercolor art. Don’t be scared, this is a great class for you even if you’ve never painted before. Supplies provided.  Offered locally in Charleston, SC  Register Here

*All local classes are held at: 1445 Bexley Street North Charleston, 29405

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