Tuesday, June 24, 2014

my "fruitful" series

It is with the proudest little heart I give to you my latest work the "fruitful" series. Can I just say I am over the moon about the way these turned out, not only because of the way they look but mostly because of what God has whispered to my heart in the process.
If it's okay, I just want to share a little testimony about this season I've been through lately. A couple months ago I wrote a blog about how I used to paint for myself. Sharing that for the past year or so I've felt pretty starved creatively and somewhat in a fog of purpose when it comes to my art. I used to always know who I was as an artist and since becoming a mother I've felt just lost in it all.
So before starting this series, with the support of my priceless husband we decided that I would just paint, paint for myself and seek God for a series that would be just what He wanted to bring to his people through my work. Instead of painting for others or trying to create work that would sell I just wanted to paint for the sake of worship and creativity, the purpose he'd called me to 8 years ago.
I truly felt that if I was to paint what God inspired me to paint and if it was true to my heart as the artist then God would do the work of selling it and providing for our family. He is after all our provider.
So...it didn't come right away but with some prayer and experimenting came my "fruitful" series. All I can say is Thank you God! My heart is full and just so thankful for this work he's given me.
In preparing to list them for sale I received a message from someone I love telling me they wanted to buy the entire series of originals. I feel in one way it's God saying yes, I will bless your labor, and maybe to follow my heart and paint for myself. And just for all those preconceived notions that I'm overwhelmed with orders and sales every week, I'm not.

I love that life with Him is a journey and in your craft, whatever it is, He can use it to sharpen you and draw your heart to His. Thank you for letting me share! and I would LOVE for you to buy a print of your favorite. You can visit my shop here to do so.

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