Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Let's Collaborate

Y'all it has been a while since we've done any kind of #scripturedoodle collaboration around here and the other day my girlfriend said, "it's time". If you don't know what it is you can read more about it here. In a few words #scripturedoodle is a quick doodle or illustration of a bible passage. For me it's a great way to look at God's word from a new perspective and as an artist it brings that visual element that I love. I do it during my bible study time, morning or night, whenever I get my mind straight to make time for Jesus, can I get an amen?

SO... starting tomorrow I'm inviting you to join me for a super low commitment- short and sweet collaboration, just to get your feet wet. We'll be going through Habakkuk, don't worry it's only three chapters so we'll be done by friday. How it works: Let's read a chapter a day, maybe read it through once and then read it again to get a better handle on it. Then, choose ONE verse or a couple if they fit well together to draw a simple illustration of what the verse is saying. I usually use pen and paper, but whatever your heart desires is what you should use, you are the boss! Lastly- post it on IG or FB and tag #scripturedoodle #habakkuk so we can all follow along.

Very briefly let me say that #scripturedoodle is NOT about making excellent artwork for people to ooh and aah over. It IS about worshipping God. It IS about unlocking a creative element in your time with Jesus and it IS about freedom in Christ. If you're still not convinced you should try this here are 5 reason why you should!
I'll see you tomorrow.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Garden Party of the Century

Yesterday was the sweetest day, a garden tea party to die for. I'm just saying that Martha Stewart has nothing on my friends.

 I'm not a firm believer that you need a baby shower for every baby, sometimes I think it's a little too much, so when my girlfriends said they wanted to plan a shower for Penelope I was a little hesitant, I just didn't want them to feel obligated to fuss over me. But once they convinced me it was a good idea I was tickled to oblige... I mean it's always nice to open presents and spend time with girlfriends.

Whitney, Maribeth, Angela and Ashley went all out once the theme of a tea party was decided on. I walked outside to see the most picturesque tea party that could ever be imagined and I should have cried, everything was so beautiful! I didn't take nearly enough pictures but here's a glimpse of it all.

We played a super cute game where everybody brought a hair bow for Penelope and I had to guess who it was from, then after my guesses (which were all wrong except for one), gals gave words of wisdom or shared sweet thoughts about me and baby P. It was so thoughtful and unlike most tacky baby shower games. So put that one in your vault ladies.

Penelope got so many cute clothes, reflective of my style which was my favorite part. I was always worried that I would get a bunch of tacky pink outfits if I had a girl, but seriously every little outfit was perfect and lovely. Among them were 5, yes 5 super cute swimsuits... we must be supposed to go to the beach every day this summer!

It was the best afternoon! My sweet friend Kristin gets the prize for coming from Columbia with her nine day old baby!
I loved getting to see my friends and celebrate the little lady inside, I guess every baby does need a baby shower.