Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Day Nothing Went Right

The other day I couldn't seem to do anything right when it comes to my art. I've been working through some new products for the spring, lets just say it was a day of trial and error for sure.

 I've been asking God what to pursue, what's going to be best? My heart is to produce excellent work that will honor God and help support my family, so He is my number one consult in planning.

Do you ever wrestle with this balance... great work that will sell but more importantly work that is true to yourself as the artist and God the source of it all? Well that's where I am, yet to have an answer but still asking Him persistently what's next. Surely he knows best, because he is my Father, I want most of all to be in His best. I know he will answer and I won't be discouraged at the time it takes, I will persist in asking until I receive the answer (this is not always my mindset, believe me) but this time I am resolving to TRUST, knowing that God is Faithful always.

 Since I couldn't do anything right in my work I decided to clean the house, spend some time with Jed and try for a killer dinner for my man. All three of which were moderately successful. Praise Jesus because Lord knows a sister needs a little pick me up with nothings going right.

The Sweetest part of my day, playing with my boy
Dinner was actually a big win. The best black bean burger recipe I've found, topped with barbeque sauce and sriracha. I've never had great success with sweet potato fries but I found a killer recipe on Pinterest. You should definitely put them on your list to try

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