Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 9: Freely Give

Still thinking on the lesson from yesterday. God really has given us our gifts as artists and we are so blessed to be the recipients of such gifts.  I pray that in this season and always God might root into my heart that as my gifts have been freely given to me I should freely give mine as well. And now I am laughing out loud at myself... A window into my morning:

For the last three hours I have been spending time making this new #scripturedoodle and then fighting with my computer to edit and list it in my shop for sale as a digital download.... (which is a fairly basic process but for some reason this morning it was about the death of me). I was yelling at my husband who couldn't help me, ignoring my puppy and counting the minutes till my baby would wake hoping to finish before he did- all for the sake of the gospel... Ha- in my own sinful way.

THEN as I write this post I am typing the words "freely give" realizing I was asking you to purchase this print which is the opposite of free..... (sigh).  Jesus save my soul again- Thank you God for revealing yourself to me and for giving me the obedience today to do as you have asked, next time maybe show me sooner even though I know your timing is perfect.

Lord have mercy I hope this print blesses somebody today because it has been a fight to make it available. So download this happy fall print FOR FREE right here. Share it with everyone you know!

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