Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4 Keeping the balance

So I've consistently shared four days in a row now which is super uncommon for me and has required quite a bit of discipline. But as I observe this, I can see the beginning of unbalance in my routine. I'm getting up each morning knowing I need to blog and so that becomes my priority, usually happening in the time I'd be doing some sort of devotional. When I sat down to blog this morning, what I really wanted to do was read the word and spend some time with the Lord. So I opened Jesus calling instead. 

My favorite line in today's passage was, "Although I am unimaginably vast, I choose to dwell within you". God is so vast, yet he chooses to Dwell with me. How could I be so prideful to dwell without him and choose to go it alone even ONE day when He is always with me, waiting to help along the way. 

Even when I'm not blogging I'm not great at keeping this balance in my daily life. But the truth is that, If God is my source and my number one job is to worship Him. He needs to be at the center of my balanced life, right? He fuels me as an artist and person, I've always known that. SO if I'm not spending time with him I will quickly run empty. 

I've not found an answer to my unbalance, maybe it's getting up earlier, maybe it's blogging the night before. I do think there's room for blogging in my life, I just know it can't come first. Lord teach me the balance. 

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