Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back to the Heart Day 2

First can we have an applause for two days of consistent posting, even though it's past lunch already. Yesterday I had my Art Space class and it ended up being a super sweet time of worship and creativity. This semester our class is themed around God Led Creativity, I love the way it's turning out even after two classes. I've not set up many rules on the how and our main goal is really only to cultivate and stretch creativity. 

Yesterday we spent some time looking at and practicing interpretive painting to worship music. I showed the girls some examples of this and then practiced briefly with each of them to introduce them to the concept. We did a few different exercises, one with a partner, one with only chalk on dark paper and lastly we spent three songs painting freely to the music. It was so cool to see them going for it without being limited by a final project or worried out the end picture.


Tonight I'm going to spend a little time doing some interpretive art to music and see what comes from it. If nothing else I hope it's restful and therapeutic to my busy self. Would you join me? Grab some paints and paper or pencils even and your sketchbook turn on your favorite music and give it a try, let's see what happens.

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