Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days of Back to the Heart of it..

Today this one is for me...
Two years ago I started #Scripturedoodle as a way to incorporate the creative into my everyday life. It was art for no reason, other than worship and it was a way to honor God with my creativity on a daily basis, a sort of artistic devotional study. Over time it quickly became a way to monetize my art and grow as an artist. Not a bad thing, but so easily distracting from the heart of it all. 

As an artist I often find this is true not just of #scripturedoodle but of all of my art. I see myself working so hard for the craft but easily drifting from the heart of it. Bringing me to a place where I'm left with questions. Why do I do what I do? Who do I create for? Aren't I making art for God and his people? So many times it feels I'm working for a deadline or for a check off my to-do list so I can tell Robert I accomplished something when he get's home from work, Or working for the paycheck.

Actually the heart of it is for worship isn't it? For God, for the sake of creativity. To worship God and to know him is the number one of why I do what I do, why we all should do what we know. I'm certain I'm not alone in this. Do you need to get back to the heart of something?

So for the next 31 days I am (reluctantly and cautiously) jumping in on this 31day blog challenge that so many are doing with The Nester. I had no intention of doing this myself, frankly 31 days of blogging anything seems like a huge task to my inconsistent self. But I felt a little nudge, so we're going for it. In these days I want to get back to the heart of it. Asking God the why? Am I missing the mark? Did I get it right today? I want to do some artwork for no reason, that won't make me money, but it might make me happy. I want to take time to be creative with friends and encourage others to honor God with their gifts. I want clarity...to know the why and to come back to the heart of it. Here goes....

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