Friday, September 27, 2013

Influence Conference Day 2

This week I'm in Indiana for the Influence Conference and can I just say it is surely a privilege. Getting to lead the decor of the event has been somewhat overwhelming but super fun and a great opportunity. We've had so many helping hands come together to make it look fabulous, cutting paper and taping things late into the night.

I'm learning so much and taking inventory and mental notes of how to improve it all next year. But most of all I've been asking God to show me my place in this whole thing. Although I don't really identify myself as a "blogger" I do share a lot of the same desires and goals as so many women here. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the incredible talent and consistency of these women, I'm asking,

Where do I fit?

I know God has given me influence and gifts, but how do I steward them? Do I resolve to blog twice a week or set my online shop up in a certain way? Should I have a craft that is partnering with a specific justice mission as so many do? So many questions. 

What I don't have is an answer yet but I'm asking God and I know he will answer as He is always faithful. Maybe he's been waiting for me to ask...

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