Monday, August 19, 2013

Lessons from Sri Lanka

After an incredible trip to Sri Lanka I sat down this morning  and asked God, "what's next?" I heard him say, "tell your story". There is so much to share and I know not everyone will be inclined to hear it all, but for those you who'd like to I will be sharing stories here all week starting with today. So here we go...

A Hindu temple sits behind the bus in this photo

On my trip I learned that Sri Lanka is a buddhist nation, not only that but Hinduism and Islam are practiced in a way that we do not see in America. I saw the first and second commandments in a new light. These people are radical about their faith and offer sacrifices to other God's on a daily basis. In certain establishments everyday twice a day there is a prayer song that comes across a loud speaker for those who practice a daily prayer time to their respective god. As I observed this part of their culture I was blown away by their allegiance to a false God, and at the same time filled with an urgency to share the freedom that comes in knowing the one true God. They are in bondage to something that brings them no true joy. These people not only worship Buddha and Ala but they welcome Jesus too. The challenge is getting them to abandon other God's to worship Jesus alone. How similar is our country? Our people may not bow to another God but they are lost in a journey to find true meaning in life, seeking material possessions and "things" to fill their lives with purpose.

Seeing the culture of Sri Lanka has helped me realize the importance of what we have to share and give in Jesus name. The VALUE of life with Jesus. We are bringing the good news- the BEST news.

News of... 


and so much more! What's not to share? We are sharing the best news there ever was! And why would be ever have fear in sharing such beautiful things.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”.
                                        -2 Timothy 1:7

The possibility of rejection is nothing compared to the opportunity for people to receive salvation and new life.  I've gained from these people a new zest and encouragement to share God's love and salvation with those who don't know him. So be encouraged as well. Remember why we share what we share and that what we share is life changing to everyone who chooses to believe.

More tomorrow.

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