Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Wednesday Revelation 21:5

Recently I had the chance to paint at our church's first wednesday worship service. This is one of my favorite times to do live painting, mostly because it is my home church and they are my people!
The day of I just had a sense of expectancy that God was going to bring a great piece out of what I painted that night. There was a buzz of excitement in my creative soul. That being said if you know me at all I am a super off the cuff go with the flow type of planner (mostly just last minute but go with the flow sounds sweeter), especially when it comes to first wednesday because I get to paint whatever I want.  My creative process started promptly at 5 o'clock at the art store when they didn't have the size canvas I was hoping for. I settled on a square canvas. I had the choice of a slightly smaller rectangle, but there's just something about a square you know? Immediately I thought of the globe.

I recently did a piece that I fell in love with so I wanted to create a similar feel with this painting. My goal was to incorporate this look in the clouds that I did in my latest commission, here's a snapshot of what I lovingly refer to as the "Young Painting".

I hadn't decided on a verse I liked yet so thankfully a friend of mine came to the rescue and shared Revelation 21:5

He who is seated on the throne said, “I am making all things new”.

This passage is describing the new heaven and the new earth that will come after the rapture back here on earth with Jesus ruling among us, how incredible! It was perfect to use. I quickly sketched a circle and a rough outline of a world map. Also buzzing through my mind was this idea of newness and growth, for this verse was talking about that very thing. During the service I got the idea to make a scattered plant surrounding the coast of each country as opposed to a straight tree or sprout. I love how God develops my ideas through the process. My pieces always evolve along the way. Here's the finished piece.

If you are interested in purchasing the original it is still available! You can also purchase an 8x8 print here. Thanks for letting me share.

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