Monday, January 17, 2011

passion is essential

Yesterday I got to go to a monthly artist gathering through a group called artistonfire. It is led by the great Alex and Sara Radin, they are a lovely couple of artists here in Charleston. We watched a video of a pastor named Lance Wallnau and he spoke about taking our areas of work/passion for Christ. It was eye opening for me and a little over my head, but a few things stood out to me. One analogy he used was how a fish in captivity only grows to the size of the environment that it lives in...however in its natural habitat it will grow to its full capacity. He said we are like this in is what we surround ourselves with that will affect our growth. What are you surrounding yourself with? It made me think that I do not take enough time to expand my personal learning of the Lord's character. It made me long to make my daily prayer such a priority for my day. Will we truly take hold of the dream God has given us and work with all our heart to achieve that dream?

He also said something that I think will stick with me for a long time. I'm not sure if I am getting this right but, "the person with the greatest passion will have the greatest effect on others". He used an illustration of how the homosexual population has truly had a large affect on our culture. Not because they have the greatest numbers (only 3-6% of our population) and not because their "passion" is pure or for the greatest cause, but because they spend so much time and effort working for their cause. They spend time reaching each element of our culture i.e. media, entertainment etc. As Christians we hold 35% of America's population...are we making a great impact? is our passion the greatest? I want to ask God how he wants us to move...not just reaching out to seekers in our church, but in each element of our culture. Especially in our areas of work and passion. How will I reach the artists of this world? What has God called me to do in this area?

I look foward to reading this book which is where the talk from Lance stems from.

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